The Best Cash Back Site or App

To say something to offend people, ” shopping without cash back is definitely a fool’s behavior.” Maybe you really don’t care about the amount of a few cents each time you return, but we still know how to build a pile of sand into a tower.

Being a cashback network can be said to be a very convenient method of making money, resulting in a win-win situation in a mutually beneficial situation. Many people have seen this way of making money, and it has evolved into more and more cash back nets and app.

How dose cash back site work?

  1. Click cashback referral links
  2. You Shop
  3. Get cashback
  1. Merchants sold goods
  2. Cashback site get commission
  3. Cashback site pays part of the commission as cash back

Type of cash back site

The current cashback site/app has evolved. No longer like a traditional cashback network( such as Ebates/Rakuten, Topcashback ) you can only get cash back or rewards by shopping or referral friends.

The new cashback network and app add more fun. In addition to shopping and referral users, you can also earn cash back by doing tasks (Such as: walk in the store, scan barcode ). This type of cashback site or app ( ibotta, shopkick) is mainly for buying groceries. And you need to upload the receipt to get points or cash back.

In this article, you will be involved in traditional cashback sites and new cashback sites, while showing you the best sites.

Check out 2019 cashback net and app score sheet

Top Rate: Lemoney

If I want to pick one that with the highest cashback, it must be Lemoney. Up to 1823 merchants with up to 30% cashback, we can get from this cashback website. The more credit you have the higher cashback you will get. Get

Just look at the example at (pic shows below). You can get up to 35% cash back when you have 5 credits in your account.

Sign up an account with via out link get 1 credit


Ebates( The name has been changed to Rakuten) is one of the favorite cashback sites for us. Ebates offers high cashback rate (double cashback or up to 10% cashback) whether you’re shopping online or in-store (You must link your credit card to ebates account).

In addition to providing cashback, you can also find various discounts and discount codes on the website.

Find the highest sigh up bouns offer from our sheet

The timely tracking of shopping will not lose cash back. But there’s still one thing we don’t like. They only offer 4 times to cash back your money with check or PayPal.


ibotta is a most popular groceries cashback app with up to 540,000 downloads. They always have a special cashback offer. Look at the example above, you can get extra cashback when purchasing this product from Sam’s club or Walmart. This is a cash back that you can’t get from other merchants

You can also go to Earn more section to earn more cash back. For example, You bought 2 boxes of Beech-Nut rice paste (which must be listed) at Target, except for the cashback ratio promised by the APP. There will be an additional $0.25 to $1 bonus you can earn from this order.

Do you want to try it right away? Download Now There is no limit to the cash back, as long as your account has $20. They are offering 3 ways to cash back: PayPal, Venmo, Gift Card (such as: Amazon, American Eagle, Bed Bath & Beyond, Belk……)

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