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The birth of a baby is a very sacred moment. As a novice parent, in order to celebrate his arrival, they need to prepare a lot of supplies for him. I remember when my little nephew was born, as the first child in our family, we have prepared a lot for him. Crib, clothes, toys.

However, as he grows up, you will find that the previous things are no longer enough to meet his needs. He will grow up, so his clothes need to be replaced. He will grow up, and the crib he sleeps will not be able to meet his height and weight. 
Before I get in our topic , I have a question for you.

How much will you spend on your child?(share your answer)

Ten thousand ?million?That’s lot of money. Luckily!  you’re here, if you’re here that means you’re a frugal person who is trying to have a baby on a budget and you know that saving any kind of money is a great thing. That’s where these baby freebies come into play.

Take Your Baby Sample

baby samples

Free enfamil formula sample

Enfamil is a very good formula brand. As long as you walk to the pharmacy, you will see Enfamil’s formula. In order to get free baby formula samples from Enfamil, just click the link above to sign up Family Beginnings program. What you’ll get from Enfamil are infant formula samples and toddler formula,  and enjoy money saving checks on Enfamil.

Honest Free Samples

honest company trial

What impressed me most about the diaper from Honest is their graphic design. The patterns on each diaper are very cute and attractive. For this free program, you have to pay have to pay $5.95 for shipping. Not that much, just a few dollars. You can choice from  diapers & wipes bundle , essentials bundle or both at Subscription auto-enroll, you can cancel anytime.

Amazon baby registry welcome boxes

Amazon baby registry can handle all stuff for your baby,  stroller, cloth, formula ,baby food, ect…So, you don’t have to going back and forth from store to store. And also Amazon is giving away free baby registry welcome boxes. You only have to pay $10 shipping for $0 spend.

Must Join Everydayfamily

Everydayfamily is absolutely free program.  One step program only. Register with EverydayFamily today and you will receive stage based pregnancy and baby email newsletters, offers and weekly coupon alerts as well as access to free baby samples, baby coupons, baby magazines and more.  This program contains a lot of brands, such as Enfamil , Honest which I mentioned above.

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