1000 points =10 Dollars


Just begining

Step 2

Editing ‘Base’ Profile Submit your Paypal address,

It's time to earn

Step 4

Every 3 Months

Redeem Your Points

Redeem your points every 3 months. You don’t have to anything. Money will send to your Paypal account (You must have 1000+ points to redeem) 


You can redeem your point for e-gift card. You must have 2500 points( =$25 E-Gift Card) in-order to redeem E-gift card

Step 1

keep going

Editing 'Base' Profile

Follow up

Step 3

Go fighting

Earn as many points as you want

Share us to your friend. Leave your feedback or comment. Buy via our link

Step 5

No Paypal Account ? Choose from gift card below 

E-gift card redeem

Sephora Amazon Banana Republic 
JCPenneyLord & Taylor Target

Why is the cashback I get is less than the cashback indicated in the product list?

  • 1. We refund the customer via PayPal, PayPal will charge a fee to the collecting party. About the fee,please refer to PayPal FAQ.

When will my money be sent to my account ?

We will confirm your order in 30 days after receiving the order information you have submitted. And you will get your money every 3 months( must have 1000 points to redeem)

My order has been refunded but why didn’t I see the refund on my PayPal ?

  • 1. Please check again and make sure the PayPal account you provided to us is correct.
  • 2. Please check if there is any payment pending on your PayPal and waiting for confirmation. If so, please contact us for help.

How can I get cashbackHow can I change my PayPal account?

You can change your PayPal address on your Profile. Just make sure you submit it correctly. 

Cash back and Redeem Points

  • Sign in
  • Go to your account profile
  • Edit (upload order for points, PayPal address, Choose from PayPal redeem or E-gift card……)
  • Wait for the next redeem day (Get your money $10+ or gift card $25)

What are Points?

You can use points to redeem cash or Gift Card. If you have no points, you are not qualified to get any cash back.

How do I view my points?

Log in to your account and view the current available points in your personal information section. 

How can I get points?

We have offer many way for point earning.

  1. Buy via our link
  2. Share Deals
  3. Leave you common 
  4. Currently, you can earn points by inviting your friends

Why I did not get my points for a review I wrote?

After you leave a review we will verify your review within 24 hours. Please wait for the verification, and then points will be added to your account afterward.


Why my account is locked?

You account will be lock with 3 times spam without any notice.

Why do I lost points?

You points lost when order is cancel . And points redeem.

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