How Can I Pick a Book For baby?

We all know that reading is very important for babies growing. In different stages with different books. We made a segment for babies from 0 to 3 years old.

0-6 Months

The baby from 0 to 6 months is mainly sleeping. At this time, the baby’s concentration is not very good. You can choose some books with simple patterns in black and white. Such as Spots and Dots ( The most popular book for age 0-6 months babies) . Since the range that newborns can see is still very close, only black and white can be seen at first. Such books can help stimulate the development of the brain and optic nerve.

Wait until the baby get older (around 3-4 months), your baby can stare at the book on your hands and be attracted to the sound. You can now start to change the book. This stage of the book suggests buying thick cardboard or cloth books and other types that are not easy to tear, and it is convenient for children to turn up when they look at themselves. Such as Bright Baby First 100 Words  , Old Macdonald Had A Farm, the process of reading can also interact with the finger.

6-12 Months

The baby starts to speak a little in this time. Now you can choose some book with simple word. Such as “MaMa” “DaDa”. The baby at this time is very fond of biting because he starts to grow his teeth. The best choice for books is cloth books. Choose from the popular book: Melissa & Doug® “The Wonderful World of Peekaboo!” Soft Activity Book, Whose Feet?

When your baby go to bed, you may want to have some regular melody books! Use soft tone to read the book, so that the baby can relax and help to sleep. These melody are very catchy. It’s easy to print in your baby’s mind and begin to establish a preliminary language system. Popular pick: Good Night Baby Animals,

1 -2 Year Old

During this period, the baby has been able to interact with other. You can choose some books that are fun and interactive. Special recommendation the lift the flap book such as : Sesame Street Elmo’s Favorite Places , First 100 Words Lift-The-Flap, Dear Zoo

The book that interacts with your baby, as well as the ones that helps your baby to know himself. Use the book that can help the baby learn the name and location of the body part

As the age increases, the baby develop rapidly and begin to accumulate language skills. After one and a half years, they can use more pictures related to life and teach him the knowledge of daily necessities, food, animals and plants, transportation and so on. Popular pick: Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See ,

The ability to take care of yourself is very important. In addition to studying in life, you can teach your baby and let him imitate the characters in the book. How to get to the bathroom, wash hands and brush teeth, etc. Choose from book such as : A Potty For Me , Sesame Street® “Potty Time with Elmo” Little Sound Book

3 Year Old

The 3-year-old has already begun to have a lot of thoughts on his own. Sometimes it is not because he is not guilty, but he doesn’t know how to express his emotions correctly. It is polite to start by knowing the emotions and learning slowly.

After you understand his emotions, the next step is behavioral guidance. Instead of always following the behavior of stopping the wrong, it’s better to begin to teach what can and can’t be done.

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