Lemoney is a highest cashback site we have found so far. Lemoney is a kind of cashback site that play with turbo credit. More credit you have, more cashback you will get( Limit $80 for higher cashback each time). Up to 30% cashback for Macy’s, Nike……orders. Redeem anytime with $25

*Account will be deleted, if infrequently use

Payment Method: PayPal

Sign Up Bonus: 1 Credit


Go cashback is one of the new cashback site with high cashback rate. It offers up to 31% cash back. Provide cashback for merchants in different countries such as: US, UK,  CA, CHN. Gocashback has flexible payment schedule, you can request a cash back payment for every $20. 

Payment Method: Check, PayPal, Alipay

Sign Up Bonus: $5


Ebates is our favorite choice. It offers cash back for over  2500 merchants and high cash back rate. Double cashback or more than 10% cashback. Get cash back payments every 3 months. That’s wait for long time.

Payment Method: Check, PayPal

Sign Up Bonus: $10


Befrugal is similar to Ebates with higher cash back. Up to 1000+ merchants. And is the only one we found that offer higher cash back match. They will match 125% of the higher cash back rate.

Cash out every $25

Payment Method: PayPal, Check, Direct Deposit, Gift Card, Visa Prepaid Card.

Sign Up Bonus: $10


ibotta is one of the most popular high rate groceries cashback app. Get $20 Welcome bonus when you make 10 redemption. Extra cashback for specific item. Up load receipts to get cashback. Redeem anytime with $20

Payment Method: Gift Card, PayPal, Venmo

Sign Up Bonus: $20


Shopkick is a very interesting groceries cashback app. Play, shop, earn all together. You can get points by just walk in to store , scans specific item, watch the video.  And shopping. In order to get your points , the app requires you to upload the receipts for in-store orders. Only few merchants offer cash back.

Payment Method: Gift Card

Sign Up Bonus: 0


Mr. Rebates offers cash back for over  3000 merchants. What we really like Mr. Rebates, it has monthly payments schedule at the beginning of each month.  Simple to use. Extra cashback offer.

Payment Method: Check, Gift Card, PayPal

Sign Up Bonus: $5


TopCashback offers cash back for over  3500 merchants, and provide the most payout method. Only at TopCashback, there will be 5% bonus when you choose gift card payout. Simple design and easy to use.  

Payment Method: Check, Gift Card, PayPal, Direct Deposit, American Express@Reward Cards.

Sign Up Bonus: $10