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Baby Products List, What Baby Stuff You Must Have

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Baby Products List, What Baby Stuff You Must Have

The arrival of the baby is a new beginning, everything needs to be purchased. Baby crib, Strollers, Diapers, Baby Bottles, Clothes, High chair, etc. You need to consider that which are necessary ,which are not. There are a lot of baby registry program to register that help you more to organize your baby stuffs.

I’m going to show you few of the popular baby registry program that you can sign up, and you can also look at my other article Saving $1000 in baby stuff , get free baby samples to get more idea in how to save for your baby stuffs.

How many do you spend for a year for your baby? A lot ! Getting free samples not only for try, also for saving money. We’re sharing ideas about how to get free samples online.

Sign Up Baby Registry

If you want to save time and money, sign up baby registry is the better way. Many websites have their own baby registry. It’s absolutely free. You can choose from either one from list.

Must Have Shopping List

List 1: Baby Crib 

If you want to save money is better to choose 5-in-1 or Multifunction crib. 5-in-1 crib is built to last of lifetime. It has 5 different levels : crib, Toddler Bed, Day Bed, Youth Bed, Full Size Bed

It’s easy to switch from baby crib to toddler bed or other, when you kid is growing up.

Baby crib choosing tips

List 2: Bed Mattress

Comfort and waterproof are important considerations for your choice of mattress,In order to prevent the baby from wetting the bed。

List 3: Dresser

Your kids need at least 2  dresser for themselves. One is for clothes, another one is for toys. Or buy the larger dresser(like picture), which has at least 2 section. Your kids can easily put their toys in Lowest level.

List 4: Children Table And Chair

When your child reaches the age of 2, he can sit on a chair do some painting , reading and other activities. So the perfect fit table and chair are necessary.

kids table and chair

List 5: Highchair

Your baby need to join the family time,but they can’t seat on the ordinary chair . What they need is a special chair , which has four tall bench legs.

List 6: Stroller

Outdoor activity is very important for baby’s growing. They can open eye from their small world, and  become an outgoing personality. So, How can you bring out your little one? Use Stroller. Just take a look our “strollers choosing tips“, if you having problem to choose the baby stroller.

List 7: Car Seat

You must have a car seat, if you have own car for kids outdoor activity. The purpose of the car seat is to ensure that the child gets safety during in car.

Car seat choosing tips

List 8: Diapers,Wipe, Training Pants

Diaper is the most important daily necessities for baby. So be sure to choose from comfortable and absorbent. We talk about more diaper in the article “how to choose the best diapers” that helps you get more idea. And also you need soft wipes to clean up  your baby’s after pee. Training pants used to transition.

List 9: Baby Bottle

You baby can’t eat anything except milk before 1 year. And the easy way to feed your baby is using baby bottle. Better choice for baby feeding, Glass bottles vs plastic bottles fight for the question of choosing feeding bottle.

Home Safety

Home security is a very important issue in the growth of children. In order to better protect your child, you must pay attention to the following in your home:

1, Pay attention in table sharp corner. 

2. If you live on the second floor, it is best to install a fence in order to prevent children from opening the door and causing the stairs to fall off.

Table Corners Protectors

The sharp corners on the table are a major focus of the kid’s home hazards. In order to protector your kids out of risk, it’s better to has table corner protectors. There are few tips that can help you choose table corner. First, search for “PVC free corner guards”. Second, choose big enough table corners. Last, it has gel adhesive inside.

Table corner protectors for kids


Stairs are the second biggest child safety hazard. If you happen to live on the second floor or above, it is important to install a fence on the stairs for the safety of kids.

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